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"The surprising metric that defines
your organisation's ability to excel in the 21st Century
is its relationship to change.

If ever there was a 'people' metric, this would be it.
When your people discover how to excel in change,
your organisation becomes unstoppable"


Excel In Change

We’re living and working in tricky times...

Your company is undoubtedly being affected by these times of transformation, these times of accelerated & heightened change. And undoubtedly it has led to certain challenges.

From all of our work experience we understand that any challenge with change can only be human. Change itself is not good or bad, it’s unavoidable and it cannot be interrupted, cannot be slowed down or sped up. A sense of challenge only arises within the human perspective.

And that’s what we zoom in on, it’s where our expertise lies: the human relationship with change. We help people excel in any kind of change so that they & their business can thrive and excel.

Mapping the human relationship to change...

We’ve come to understand how change comes in cycles. Each cycle consists of nine phases that each have their unique natural characteristics. We were able to map out the cycle, its phases and the natural flow of it.

AND we have been able to map out the Human Experience of each phase, highlighting what leads to Trouble and what leads people and companies to Thrive. 

We can tailor Excel In Change™ to your corporations specific needs, challenges and desires. We make sure that your organisation and its people move in the right direction in every phase of the Change Cycle.

3811 Excel in Change Map

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35 Years Experience

Joel Young and Arnold Timmerman

We have been teaching & studying the essence of human psychology, experience and expression internationally for a combined period of 35 years. We have zoomed in on what happens when people get confronted with change, both regular day to day transitions and radical extreme change i.e. transformation.

We have been doing so in seminars, retreats, training programmes, master classes, coaching, therapy, leadership development and organisational development. The countries we have worked in include: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Israel, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada, Bahamas, South Africa, Botswana. And we worked with people from many more countries.

What we have come to understand, is: The essence of the human being, the essence of change and how the human being relates to change.

We make people and organisations not just survive & handle change,
we make them thrive and excel in it.

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Dogma Detox Logo

Dogma Detox

Lubrication for organisational stuckness

Hidden dogma causes people, teams and companies to get stuck. Arnold & Joel offer quick and innovative ways to diagnose and clear it, getting you back on track and excelling through the transformation.

Joel Young NPA

The NPA Process

A simple way to stop taking
things personally

In 2007, Joel launched The NPA Process™, a original self-help technique, which he has taught to people in over 18 countries.

Arnold Timmerman Leadingship


Exploring the essence of
leadership dynamics

In 2010 Arnold developed a fresh alternative to traditional leadership called Leadingship™. His book has been published in the U.K., The Netherlands, Belgium and India.